This form is not available at this time, if you request to receive updates you will be the first to be informed of firmed up information.

Preregistration is required for safety and security reasons. 

Camping for Reenactors with or without families is available Tuesday September 10th thru Monday September 16th 11:59AM , At that time  all provided services will be suspended. 

All parties camping must be in period attire during all public days (days to be  announced). 

There will be a registration fee for campers,  (to be determined). 

Off site campers ie Cavalry, will have a "services rendered" registration fee (to be determined). 

Fees will be reviewed for subsequent events, based upon the success of our gate attendance. 

It is not the goal of The Ohio River History group to make a profit but only to perpetuate the historical and educational importance of Morgan's Raid, please work with us.